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       .... Public, private, team-building, festival, foundation, promotional, election ....


Please describe your event, detail as possible.

Specify the type of event description and addresses the audience, describing the location, whether it is a simple private party, you kind if place in a private club, institution, outdoors, etc. .. Also, please keep in mind that prices reflect the artistic act. We need to know if you want  live or play-back performance, if you have stage, sound, instruments, lights (and their characteristics), if you want these features included in the offer (or others), based on the information received so we may provide a response is accurate.


Remember that all your information is confidential and will not be public.


The budget does not include taxes / conditions of transport, accommodation and meals of the artists that will be communicated, negotiated and secured separately, depending on the conditions allowed / claimed by the artists. Similarly, facilities and services required (eg sound, stage, lights, etc.) are not included in the standard offer, but can be offered on request.

Communication offer and its acceptance does not mean, by any of the parties, for it is necessary to conclude a binding contract signed by all parties, or their legal representatives, in original.

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