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1. Jazz Vocal Jazzappella Chanson d'amour la Restaurant La Cave Bucuresti Militari.mp3.mp3
2. Jazzappella - Last Christmas Live on Radio Guerilla.mp3.mp3
3. Jazzappella - Prime Time Blues (The Real Group).mp3.mp3


статус: установленный

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Родной язык: румынский

язык 1: английский

язык: венгерский


водительские права
музыкальный инструмент


пол: полоса


Ana Băncescu (sopran I), 
Marina Arsene (sopran II), 
Tereza Catarov (alto)
Zoltán András (tenor, fondatorul Jazzappella), 
Alexandru Grăjdeanu (bariton) 
Csaba Gáspár (bas)


исполнительского искусства / Карьера / Репертуар:

With a unique touch, this original group has created its own musical expression in the field between jazz, pop, film soundtracks, jazz classics & original compositions making their sound accessible to music enthusiasts in general as well as to the more demanding ear. 

Their voices are transformed into magic instruments, which draw shapes and colors in the air around, giving the audience a multi sensorial experience. People can hear, feel and even imagine the energy of their music. 

They shift the accents around, they pause, and fall back in perfectly, they deepen the groove and then "shallow" it gently again... the sextet develops a singular character, with an extraordinary rhythmic and dynamic performance. They are like storytellers capturing the audience in a co-participating adventure.

They have soon drawn the attention of national and international public, and as a result, they've been invited to many festivals. Among them, we can mention: International "George Enescu" Festival, International Alba Jazz Festival, La Blouse Romaine - Universal Day, Transylvania International Film Festival, International A Cappella Festival in Girona - Cataluña where they met other prestigious A Cappella groups, such as: Vocal Sampling, The Single Singers,etc. 

Their versatility has allowed them to perform as well for privates and multi-national corporations such as: Air France, KLM, Vodafone, Microsoft, Ethan Allen, eMag, Hilton etc.

"With the right singers into the right band - vocal jazz can be every bit as daring, rhythmically inventive and dramatic as the best instrumental jazz."

Jazzappella is a live example of a music band that pushes the 
limits of what the human voice can achieve!

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