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Plai Festival 2014

2014-09-12 >> 2014-09-14, Romania, Timisoara
Locație: Muzeul Satului Banatean

PLAI (12-14 september) is a multicultural festival that takes place every year, in the middle of September, in the special location of Muzeului Satului Banatean from Timisoara, Romania.


PLAI is music, it is art and many cultures! It is diversity lived in every possible way,it is learning from the ones around us and from each experience.


PLAI is made by volunteers for people with an open heart and mind.


It’s a place you must take the time to discover, with music that will really make you listen and leave you wanting more, with people that love diversity and culture and with activities that will help you discover new hobbies.


Enjoy the world of PLAI, the world music, the organizations, the different cultures, the people you meet, the things your learn, the trees, the air and the vibe you create with the one next to you!