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Top Albums CargoJoin the band's first three albums Cargo Station Stories (1992), Destiny (1995) and Day of the Witches (1998), pointing out the strong voice of metal.Shortly after the release of Destin, Kempes has a moto ...


Sarmalele Reci

Rock’n’roll, Funk, Jazz Folk

Sarmalele Reci is one of the most original appearances on the Romanian music scene. "Less comfortable... less conformist... a little annoying... so cold."The band always reinvented itself and was never afraid of any arti ...



With a unique touch, this original group has created its own musical expression in the field between jazz, pop, film soundtracks, jazz classics & original compositions making their sound accessible to music enthusias ...


Radu Valcu

Classical Guitar, Interpretation And Composition. Classical Music, Nuevo Flamenco, Tango, Modern, Film, Fusion,jazz


Lightwave Theatre Company

Visual Theatre For Adults With Human-Size Puppets

In just four years, Lightwave Theatre Company has been invited twice at World Puppet Carnival in Indonesia and Thailand and on international stages from Croatia, Great Britain, Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria and more. Lightwa ...


Teatrul Muzical

Musical Theater For Children

"Momma Chirita" (high school, adults, seniors) "Grove wonderful" (kindergarten and 1-4) "Mister. Goe, "(grades 5-8) "Memories of Childhood" (grades 1-8) "Creanga's stories" Moor-White and Danila Prepeleac (grades 1-4 ...


Toma Enache

Theater And Film Director, Actor, Writer

Erotopoetica Stage direction of Janka, by Oscar Speace Stage direction of Absurd Person Singular, by A. Ayckbourn (2010) Stage direction of Richard III, by William Shakespeare (2010) Stage direction of Amadeus, by ...


Marius Herea

EROICA" OVERTURE SYMPHONY OF RENAISSANCE SONATA IN G-MINOR FOR VIOLIN AND PIANO Overture Vlad Prince of Wallachia   Concerto  for piano and orchestra in E-minor ...



Indie Pop-Rock

INT.ACT band was founded in May 2012 by Cosmin Vieriu (voice), Radu Cotfas (rhythm guitar / backing) and Adi Szasz (bass) and is an Indie Pop-Rock band from Bucharest. The three come from the underground music of Bacau w ...


Benone Sinulescu

Soloist Folk Music, Folklore, Composer


Teo Milea

At first it was classical music. I attended various national and international piano competitions for music lovers across the country and beyond, from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary or the United States. In 2010 ...


Ono Desaga

Vocal - Instrumental, Guitar, Pop, Blues, Soul, Reggae, Compositions & Cover

1990-1993 tour Norway (Trio Colors)1993-1995 Rock Philharmonic1993-1998 King Bee (Progressive Rock)1998-2004-band D-Side (Cover gender compositions & Pop, Rock & Roll, Reggae)2005-2010-Band Alive (Club house band ...


Sorin Tofan

Sorin Tofan is a well-known Romanian entertainer with more-than 20-year’s experience as an actor and writer. With a degree in acting obtained in Bucharest in 1995, Tofan joined a series of high-profile theatre trou ...


Bogdan Gagu

Actor, Director

THEATRE „The heart in gaz” by Tristan Tzara EAR “Unda Theatre Company”; dir, Dan Victor“In movies” by Tudor Musatescu MILICA independent company; dir Dan Simion“Plumbuita” ...


Corina Delia Chirita

Director, Writer

Independent Film production: directing, screenwriting, acting, locations, costumes, set design, image capture, editing, conversion, promotion. Movies: Documentary, Fiction, Adaptation, People, Medallions, Presentations, ...


David Simion

Animation, Graphics, Drawing


Ciprian Dumitrascu

Actor, Director, Stunt Coordinator Fighting, Fencing

  Resume            1.    The Dark is Rising (2007) (Stunt coordinator/Sword Master) 2.     The Brothers Bloom (2008) (stunt coord ...


Irina Formanciuc

- Dance collective leadership- National Theatre "Vasile Alecsandri" Balti, Moldova


Dumitru Griciuc

Honoured artist


Anatol Racila

Acting, Film And Theater Director

National Theatre "Vasile Alecsandri" from 1977


Agentie de turism