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Theater and entertainment.  Also for children. Format for 30-80 minutes with specific themes and style, adapted to various audiences, sometime interactive performances with a stage design that allows effective their approach unconventional spaces such as living spaces, spaces company, various rented spaces, or more.

The number of spectators can vary from 5 to 90. For performances over 90 crowd, the rates are different than the standard.

Given the nature of modern and dynamic performances and adaptability to any space, the shows are easily supported in such unconventional spaces. Our portfolio of shows covering a variety of genres and respond to the diverse moods.

To offer please tell us
like show
Approximate duration of the show
exact location of the show  and description of the audience
date and time you want the show
address, contact details, contact person

Now available only in Romania

send e-mail to office@aeagency.ro

Agentie de turism