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                                    Surprises and Memorable Messages
Do you submitted an ad, a personal message and you want to do it in a unique way? ? Do you want to make a gesture to surprise and impress in a truly memorable way? Our professionals will help.
An actor, singer, dancer, stunt, band, presenter, puppeteer, clown, reciter, .... will be the bearer of your message and it will play in a manner unusual, memorable, humorous and inspirational person / persons who is dedicated to this touching, exicting gesture.
Can provide (with / without flowers, songs, costumes particular, riding, on wheels) real live or recorded on dvd special for you :

  • Statement of Love (lyrics, prose)
  • wil you meryy me?
  • Thanks, Congratulations, Anniversary (poetry, prose)
  • Invitations (poetry, prose)
  • Handing a special gift
  • Puppets, The Three Fate
  • Serenade, singer / instrumental accompanied or not
  • Belly dance cake
  • Tango, Waltz, Ballet, .. 1-3 pairs
  • Cheerleaders
  • Stealing the bride, outlaws, riding
  • Demonstrated equestrian parties, carriage and riders
  • Medieval Joust, show
  • Introduction of a celebrity wedding cake
  • Others on request.

Choose between three types of offer:
Common ( amateurs, beginners, students )
Silver ( professionals)
Gold ( renowned artists, celebrities )
Common is currently available in Bucharest and surroundings, Silver and Gold in all the country, some Gold, abroad
All the mail for these services only for Common type, but to qualify for this type of event, your presence is required at our office on the day and time previously set to finalize details and sign the contract.
For Silver and Gold, send the request and you will be contacted for details and formulating an appointment offer.
Our agency reserves the right to refuse locations and services that could affect public disturbance or if there is suspicion that they are contrary to applicable law or morality, or simply inadequate.
To offer are taken into account, especially employees of our site

To offer please tell us
desired type
exact location to location and description public spectacolului-
date and time that you want
address, contact details, contact person
send e-mail to office@aeagency.ro

Now available only in Romania