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Important: in order not to complicate, confuse, forget, make a folder for your profile - text, media – following the recommendations. Then create your profile. If materials are inadequate / insufficient're sorry, but we can not activate the profile.


1.Profil trilingual / bilingual
        1. Select language (top right menu, vertical)
        2. Fields with predefined text (existing) or checkbox (checked), trilingual displays automatically
        3. Complete only within the gray area in many languages ​​(select language in the upper left corner of the surface gr) ..


2. LOADING PHOTO, VIDEO, MP3, technical conditions:
       • Videos. Photo, Mp3: see explanations from each menu sections
      • Review> Views: Views video does not load directly, send them (email or post), we check the technical and after completing formalities of payment, will be posted on the site

3. Do not become weary

  1. Activity and experience / career / repertoire, concise description, the producers / agents /       impresarios, have little need newspaper articles.
  2. Do not post unrelated studies profile.
  3. Photos must be representative  (eg :you are / desire to be model, post your pictures, no pictures of whole / group of events,are  you a director, post snapshots during rehearsals, performances,, workshops, if you post photos retouched by'' book model'' and you are not a model, perhaps you qualify to preselction but, but the audition disqualified)

4. Photographer, designer, architect, ... post  slides
      Strongly recommended a number of 50-70/photos/slide, not become counterproductive. We advise you to post 2-3 videos, each with 3 distinct themes 15-20 photos / topic.


5 Do not post false information on preselections to be favored, because the audition you will be disqualified


6. Be clear, concise and to the point ..
     Remember, no one will select for appearances in the press, rave, eulogies, but your artistic skills / professional evident. A simple quote expressive of an article, it is sufficient to describe dynamic career / your business


7. Your profile created by our team.
     a e-mail a brief description profile, specifying the number and characteristics of multimedia materials
     b receive estimated cost.
     c send materials via internet / mail, including written texts.
     d processed materials and send you the bill.
     e.you expect to collect proof of payment or amount. Your profile will be activated.
     f rate, 50 euros / hour plus VAT. Adding the annual rate for post profile.


8 Do not have video, audio, photo?
    Contact us, we can make it, professional, we or our collaborators.

NOTES. You receive an invoice within 72 hours from the loading of materials. If there are incomplete or do not meet the technical conditions (eg overflow space for media files), site standards (eg minors, hidden ads ..), we reserve the right to refuse to activate your account. Communication detailed reason for the denial will be made only once.

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