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Oana Catalina Chitu

1. Oana Cataina Chitu - Mana birjar.mp3.mp3
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3. Oana Catalina Chitu - Da-mi gurita.mp3.mp3


Singer, Interwar Romanian Tango, Romances


Status: Well-known

Availability to travel:


CityFrankfurt Am Main, Berlin


Native language: Romanian

Language 1: German

Language 2: English

Special skills

Driving license
Musical instrument


Hair: Long

Hair color: Black

Constitution: Normal

Physiognomy: Caucasian

Gender: Female


Performance art / Career / Repertoire:

'' Oana Chitu has managed to revive the interwar Romanian tango tradition, forgotten even in Romania, in Berlin, rather sensitive to other people's music. Itself is open to other cultures. The singer, who left Romania in 1990 to settle in Germany, studied first africanistica, charmed by "exotic" unknown, then in the same spirit and with great passion for music, Balkan music approached by learning Romanes and singing until today with renowned musicians from Serbia, Greece and Romania, the band "Romenca".

Two years ago, with Valeriu Cheese (dulcimer), Anton Slavic (violin), Alexej Wagner (guitar), Franz Alexander (bass), Dimitris Christidis (percussion), Vladimir Karparov (saxophone, clarinet) and Dejan Jovanovic was born the "Bucharest Tango". He warned label Asphalt Tango Berlin and in less than two years, turned first music project in Romania that is not based primarily on folklore, either the Romanian or on the rum.''

'' Tango Oana Chitu is based on classical elements of this genre, but combines some elements of folklore and jazz, as could be discovered and its predecessors, Zavaidoc or Jean Moscopol. And interpretations in the manner Chitu success speaks for itself.

4th place in world rankings

'' Album "Bucharest Tango" released last year on the international market, ranked 4 among "Top Of The World Album" British magazine "Songlines" and fans can enjoy the singer's forthcoming new album. Tirelessly working Oana, among many appearances on stage, and a new project. ''.

-Traian Danciu-

Awards / Certificates:

Place 4 in ranking "Top Of The World Album" British magazine "Songlines" - album "Bucharest Tango"