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Retro Future

1. After you've gone
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Status: Professional

Availability to travel:




Native language: Romanian

Language 1: English

Special skills

Driving license
Musical instrument


Gender: Band

The band

Georgiana - Lead Vocal/Keyboards
Vlad -         Vocals/Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin/Saz/Pipes/Percussion
Marius -      Vocals/Guitar/Mouth Trumpet/Percussion
Andrei -      Lead Guitar/Bouzouki
Cornel -      Bass Guitar
Dragos -     Drums
Lory -         Harmonica/Doromb/Percussi


Performance art / Career / Repertoire:

We've started this project in November 2008, guided by a burning need to play, learn and enjoy good old music in a modern way.

We were 4 in the beginning and none of us had ever played styles like jazz, swing or ragtime before, although we previously had musical experience.

One by one other wackos like us joined the band, each and everyone with his own funny story and bringing his own background and personal touch.

After a few changes Retro Future now has 7 members, a bunch of good friends that trust each other onstage or in life, no matter what.

We play any style of music as long as it sounds real good. We play any song from ten to one hundred years old in our own manner and make it sound like it was wrote yesterday.

We are currently working on our own materials which we hope will be soon put on our first album.

We laugh a lot and make people laugh... :)))))

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