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Mihai Arsene

1. Mihai Arsene - Audio #694




Status: Well-known

Availability to travel:




Native language: Romanian

Language 1: English

Language 2: French

Special skills

Driving license


Hair: Normal

Hair color: Gray

Eye color: Brown

Height: 181-185

Weight: 91-95

Physiognomy: Caucasian

Gender: Male


Performance art / Career / Repertoire:

Mihai Arsene is the first Romanian actor appearing on stage in London's West End. If Michael is representative of the profession of an actor in Romania, we have lost a lot in London. Because the role of Nikolay Andreich from Leicester Square Theatre, Michael unleashes a very powerful exhibition of theatrical craftsmanship of the highest quality. "
Stephen Hunt, UK Remote Goat


Alfred Islami Asylum (SH) Directed by Joern Utkilen Image Pictures

Charlie DORA 28 Films Directed by Delia Antal

French Fisherman HUGO CABRET GK Films directed by Martin Scorsese

THE KING'S SPEECH Dignitary Romanian Director Tom Hooper Speaking Film Productions

EU Journalist Director Richard Loncraine The Special Relationship Trilogy Films

LONDON BOULEVARD Paparazzo Director William Monahan III GK Films

NYPD Police Officer KICK ASS Marv Films directed by Matthew Vaughn




Business Man, SAUDI ARABIA TV 1, Promo, Turquoise Branding

Waiter at Locanda / Servant of Florindo, Servant of Two Masters, directed by Vlad Mugur, TVR 1

TV presenter, BETWEEN FRIENDS, directed by Mihai Arsene, TVR 2, Studio Craiova

Serbian Police Officer, Poirot, MURDER IN THE ORIENT EXPRESS, directed by Philip Martin ITV 1

Prisoner, Spooks, series 8, Sat Directed ep.4 Miller BBC One



Leonid Gayev, BEFORE I SLEEP, directed by Tristan Sharps, DreamThinkSpeak / Brighton Festival

Nikolay Andreich, A SENSE OF DELICACY Veronica Lazar Director, Avanti Productions / Edinburgh Festival Fringe / Leicester Square Theatre

Orpheus, UNDERGROUND BUCHAREST, Toma Enache Moving Director, Theatre / Edric Hall

Antonio, XII A NIGHT, directed by Silviu Purcarete, Craiova National Theatre or from broken TÂRGULUII NIGHT

Italian / Vipko, EUROPE HOTEL, COMPLETE, directed by Puiu Serban, Craiova National Theatre

Laurent, Therese RAQUINN, Sailin Gysele Director, National Theatre of Craiova

Bubnoff, ASYLUM NIGHT, directed by Claudiu Goga, Craiova National Theatre

Biondello /

Actor IV (travesti) TAMING OF THE SHREW, directed by Mircea Cornisteanu, Craiova National Theatre

Claudius, EMEIA cage, Director Anca Maria Colteanu, Craiova National Theatre

Caruther, prosecutor, ASCENSION OF ARTURO UI can be stopped, Elemer Kincses Director, National Theatre of Craiova

Sandu, slut HOUSE, directed by Mircea Cornisteanu, Craiova National Theatre

Nae Girimea, Carnival, directed by Mircea Cornisteanu, Craiova National Theatre

Ivan, Ivan, directed by Bogdan Cioaba, Craiova National Theatre

Osip, inspectors, Director Claudiu Goga, Craiova National Theatre

Henry Tile, VALS DOGS, directed by Alexander Boureanu, Anton Pann Theatre

Mr. Bogoiu, Playing HOLIDAY, Director Emil Boroghina, Anton Pann Theatre

Professor, Lecturer, Director Mihai Arsene Young Actor Gala HOP

Palestrio, Military boastful, Directed by Catalin Naum Theatre Colibri

Musician in the orchestra, directed by Vlad Mugur CARNIVAL gossip, Craiova National Theatre

La Locanda Waiter / Servant of Florindo Servant of Two Masters, directed by Vlad Mugur, Craiova National Theatre

Gaston Jurubita, 402 FAST TRAIN, directed by Constantin Zarnescu, Theatre Al.Davila

Teleghin, Uncle Vanya, directed by Bogdan Cioaba, Theatre CAPetculescu

A citizen, THE Jumba, directed by Cristian Hadjiculea, Theatre Al.Davila

Il Capitano, SCAPINIADA, Doina Zotinga Director, State Theatre Al.Davila

Young Him, snows of yesteryear, Mircea Cornisteanu Director, State Theatre Al.Davila

Paulus, Too Beautiful SABINE, Director Marcel mosquito, Theatre Al.Davila

Medvedenco, The Seagull, directed by Matthew Varodi, Theatre Al.Davila

The Fatty Man, PICTURE, directed by Bogdan Cioaba, Theatre CAPetculescu


RADIO includes:

Nae Girimea (voice), Carnival, directed by Mircea Cornisteanu, Radio Oltenia

Awards / Certificates:


Playing holiday prize for the Best Actor role Mr. Bogoiu,

                                                 Student Festival "first part", Iasi, 2001

Lesson Scholarship at the Festival d'Avignon, obtained HOP Young Actor Gala, Mangalia, 200

Profile studies

Between 1997 - 2001, Mihai studied Performing Arts - Acting specialty at the Faculty of Theatrical Arts of the old University of Craiova, graduating at the class of his later stage colleague, the Master Ilie Gheorghe (recently seen at the International Edinburgh Festival, playing FAUST in a Silviu Purcarete's production with the same name).