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Lungu Victoria

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Status: Well-known

Availability to travel:




Native language: Romanian

Language 1: Russian

Language 2: English

Special skills

Driving license
Musical instrument


Hair: Long

Hair color: Maroon

Eye color: Brown

Height: 156-160

Weight: 51-55

Constitution: Normal

Physiognomy: Caucasian

Gender: Female


Performance art / Career / Repertoire:

Albums: 2000 - "Leisure at sea" 2006 - "I love me"

Education: singing teacher at Studio "Neo Music".


Concerts: two decades of career in show business, thousands of concerts, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, France, Germany, Israel ...

Composers: Marian Starcea Valentin Dang, Alan Stirbu, Boris Lebediuc, George Voinovan, Anatol Dumitras, Alexander Cosovan Valeriu Shepherd, John Sulac, Vitalie Kurilkin, Cezar Iulian Balan (Romania) etc.. Writers such as Gregory Vieru Ianos Turcanu Sevolod Ciornei, Trajan, Radmila Popovici-Paraschiv etc.


Member of Musicians' Union in Moldova since 2001.


Radio TV

· Issues, "see the encore", "Good Morning" Television Moldova

· Show to promote local talents "small time celebrities" on Radio Health.



Actor Theatre "Ion Creanga" two seasons, numerous presentations, performances, cultural events.

Awards / Certificates:

1992 - Second Prize, Festival or music from Romania. Buzau.

1993 - Second Prize, light music festival in Moldova "lucky moments".

1999 - First Prize music festival in Moldova "Shores of Prut".

2006 - First Prize, Radio luck "Golden Horseshoe

Profile studies

1979 - 1984 School s musical Pelenia Drochia, specialized violin.

1989 - 1992 Institute of Arts. Faculty: theater and cinema actor.

1992 - 1997 Academy of Music "Gabriel Musicescu". Faculty: Canto de Estrada and Jazz.

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